Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's time for Spring Break!

The week between the Games and Paras was absolutely amazing. Gabby and Joey worked out a schedule in which all the interns had four consecutive days off, and shared the same days off with the people they hung out with most. Sarah, Dolton, Tyler and I decided to turn this into a mini Spring Break and headed to Seattle for three nights.

We were lucky that one of the Cleanevent drivers was returning a rented van to Portland on the same day we were leaving. He was nice enough to drop us off at our hotel in Seattle and helped us avoid an 8-hour Greyhound trip. Our first night in Seattle was spent exploring the city and having dinner at an AMAZING seafood place right on the water. We wanted to go explore some of the city’s nightlife, but went to bed at 10 instead. It might seem lame, but none of us were passing up the chance to enjoy a nice hotel room away from our less luxurious living conditions…

The next day we started at the Public Market. I had no idea that it was so large or had such a huge variety of merchandise! It was absolutely incredible. From fresh fruits and gorgeous flowers to handmade jewelry and vintage photographs, it had EVERYTHING. Sarah and I absolutely fell in love and spent hours there. We also went to the first Starbucks, which was definitely the highlight of my day (seeing as I am a complete Starbucks addict). From there the only logical thing to do was continue shopping, so we hit the main strip of stores downtown. After being in a town as small as Whistler, having a variety of huge stores to choose from was a dream come true. We even got Girl Scout cookies! We finished the day off with dinner at a Mexican restaurant and hit the sack early again.

Our second full day in Seattle was another busy one, with more shopping, a tour of the Mariners Stadium (Safeco Field), a ferry ride, a visit to the Experience Music Project, and finally a trip to the top of the Space Needle. The view from the top was absolutely incredible, especially at sunset. Sarah and I totally splurged for dinner to celebrate an awesome time in Seattle—we went to Cheesecake Factory and ate until I literally thought we were both going to have to be rolled out of there. We even brought leftovers home with the hope of wanting them later, but with no luck.

We headed back to Whistler the next day on a Greyhound bus. It was SO hard to go back to Camp Cleanevent—I nearly started crying when we crossed the border and it hit me that I could no longer use my cell phone. Despite the fact that the trip made going back more difficult that staying would’ve been, I was definitely grateful for the break from work and for the opportunity to visit a city I’d never been to. Seattle was stunning—I had no idea how beautiful and full of culture and life it was. I absolutely fell in love with it and would move there in a heartbeat. Granted, there was no rain during our stay in Seattle, but I think just one sunny day there would make up for a month of rainy ones.

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